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We work with schools to deliver high quality debating programs, without the headache for staff. We currently deliver 20 extra curricular classes across four schools and educational institutions in Sydney, and are constantly looking to expand. 



Speakers' Corner has access to a network of over 70 coaches which is continuously growing. This means we can easily and efficiently recruit high quality coaches for your school.  Recently, over 20 of our coaches were selected to represented their universities internationally in debating. Our coaches have coached representative school teams, including the NSW State Team. 


Teachers already have a lot on their plate. We leverage our experience as heads of debating at leading schools in Sydney to take on the administrative burden or running your. school's debating program easier.  We can handle communications with, organising coaches, payroll, parent queries and any other administrative needs for your school.

Debating class
Students studying


Speakers' Corner develops lesson plans, curriculums and training resources that ensure students in our program see rapid improvement. In addition, we deliver feedback to each of our students that allow parents to ovresee the progress of their children 

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