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Debating Beginners
Build your child's
self confidence today

Courses designed to build a life-long passion for speaking


Our beginner classes nuture young voices

While speaking can be daunting, our classes follow three simple steps to place your child on a transformative journey.

What do our students learn?

Our learning-outcomes focussed curriculum has been designed by globally recognised debating and public speaking educators. 

Trial our classes through fun holiday camps or jump straight into our weekly classes

Welcoming environment and fun, social classes

Meet our coaching team

Our coaches don't just teaching speaking — they are role models for our students. 


Our Year 7/stage 4 son has just started debating lessons this term at Lindfield Learning Village with Speakers' Corner Australia and we are very pleased with how engaged and enthused he is. He has already learned valuable skills and insights from his knowledgeable coach. 

Isabelle (Parent)

  • How do I enrol into a class?
    You can use our 'click to enrol' or 'express interest' buttons to find a suitable class for you. Once we have your details, and you have selected the program that suits you, our team will reach out to you directly to finalise details and provide you with a payment link.
  • How do i choose which program is best for me?
    The short answer is that regardless of your skill level, we have the right program for you. For in-term classes: You can select classes based on your skill level. Beginner classes are ideal for students who have never done any debating or public speaking before. Don't worry though, before your first lesson, our team will share a free webinar on the basics of debating that you can review in your own time! Intermediate classes are designed for students who understand the basics of debating. Advanced classes are for students who are regularly debating for their school team. For holiday courses, for beginners we recommend our 3 in 1 courses or our Speaking Skills Assignment Success program. These courses will teach you core skills in debating and public speaking in a fun and engaging environment. For intermediate and advanced students who have a bit of experience in debating, our debating camps are the best option.
  • How do the zoom classes work?
    Many of our weekly speaking classes are run over zoom. This is so that our students don't need to rush from school to another location to practice debating. Our coaches have extensive experience coaching over zoom, and our zoom platform is equipped with apps to gauge and improve student engagement. However, our students all get regular chances to participate in in-person debating through our weekend mini tournaments hosted throughout the year, and through our in person holiday camps.
  • I still have questions - how do I get in touch with you?
    You can email us at We can also be contacted via WhatsApp, WeChat or other social media. You can find all of our contact details here
  • How do you ensure class quality?
    Speakers' Corner is one of the only debating academies in Australia run by elite university debaters. That means that our leadership team is qualified to hand-pick the best coaches in Australia, and oversee a high quality program. Our coaches are often drawn from leading university debating societies, and are equipped with globally recognised teaching resources.
  • How much do classes cost?
    The pricing of our classes depends on the length and duration of the class. We take payment by the term, and our classes usually start from $30/hr + GST for zoom classes and $36/hr +GST for in person classes. However, you can always request a free trial to test our class before committing! Our pricing for our holiday programs also varies. You can always email if you have any queries.
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